TooManyEyes: Super-recogniser directed identification of target individuals on CCTV


For the current research, a ‘Spot the Face in a Crowd Test’ (SFCT) comprising six video clips depicting target-actors and multiple bystanders was loaded on TooManyEyes, a bespoke multi-media platform adapted here for the human-directed identification of individuals in CCTV footage. To test the utility of TooManyEyes, police ‘super-recognisers’ (SRs) who may possess exceptional face recognition ability, and police controls attempted to identify the target-actors from the SFCT. As expected, SRs correctly identified more target-actors; with higher confidence than controls. As such, the TooManyEyes system provides a useful platform for uploading tests for selecting police or security staff for CCTV review deployment.

In ICDP 2017: 8th IET International Conference of Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention

Date of Conference: 13-15 Dec. 2017

Conference Location: Madrid, Spain

George Litos
George Litos
Senior Software Engineer